What does 30-2-2 stand for?

Around 2012 when 30-2-2 was just an idea in a room of really smart, dedicated, passionate people, we were asked what our goal was. The answer? Recruit 30 employers to hire 2 people coming out of the justice system and commit to tracking their progress for 2 years. Thus, 30-2-2 was born and the name stuck!

Are you an employment agency?

The short answer, no we are not an employment agency. Although we do partner with some really great ones! Check out our “Partners” page for their information.

30-2-2 will make every effort to build a network that individuals can use to find employers who have an open hiring policy, however, we do not actively keep records of each company’s open positions or requirements.

How are you funded?

30-2-2 is not a 501c3, nor do we receive funding from any government or nonprofit agency. The information shared by partner companies is voluntary and confidential (numbers are reported in aggregate and we don not share the name of any partner organization without written permission). Additionally, the time to create reports, respond to inquires, and advocate our efforts is not subsidized by funding. These efforts are staffed from the CEO office of Butterball Farms, Inc.