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sign the pledge

SHRM’s “Getting Talent Back to Work” initiative in partnership with Koch Industries provides employers a tool-kit including legal information, compliance, risk analysis, negligent hiring information, interviewing and assessment information, and much more. Additionally, there is an opportunity to sign the pledge to give opportunities to qualified people with a criminal record deserving a second chance.


Best practice STANDARDS

30-2-2 encourages the use of best practice standards in hiring those with a criminal background. The publication below produced by the National Hire Network, National Workrights Institute, and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law lays out best practices for the hiring process.


Reentry mythbusters

The Reentry Council was established in 2011 and represents the executive branch’s commitment to reentry efforts. The below Reentry MythBusters are a product of their work and clarify federal policies affecting those with a criminal record specific to employment opportunities.


State imprisonment rate

For state-specific information, please use the below link to connect to The Sentencing Project. Here you will find various interactive data on the state(s) of your choosing.



Talent 2025 released a report and leading practices document in September 2017. This report linked below furthers the discussion on the problem of recidivism in our community, the solution and evidence of success, and leading practices.


crime labels

Understand your local or state criminal code, or have a mechanism for reviewing criminal code definitions. Often the “title” that pops up on a background check is limiting and may be intimidating. In Michigan, the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony is only where a person serves time and for how long. What crime labels do not tell anyone - not the public, not policymakers, not employers - is whether someone will engage in the same behavior, or another destructive behavior, in the future. Below is a link to the State of Michigan’s Penal Code definitions.



The New Life Card is a restoration project available to returning citizens in partnership with Christian Leaders Institute and Peacefire. This card offers three distinct opportunities to participants: educational opportunities, employment opportunities, and mentor/life-coaching opportunities.